Dom Lun Mar Mer Gio Ven Sab

artesound head+ cabinet- A.M. model.jpg420162_10150619241973057_721703056_8973592_1142548038_n.jpg 155219_489490068056_721703056_5574496_5073778_n.jpg_MG_9822.jpg


  • Fontanot strat (, surf green : alder body, maple/rosewood neck, 22 medium jumbo frets, Grover locking tuners, Wilkinson bridge, Fender roller nuts system; humbucker Suhr ssv+ pickup at the bridge position, Suhr Fletcher-Landau model at middle and neck.  
  • Fontanot strat, fiesta red: alder body, maple/rosewood neck, 22 medium jumbo frets, Schaller locking tuners, Wilkinson bridge, Lindy Fralin pickups: steel poled 43 for neck at the bridge position, vintage hot middle, blues special neck.
  • Gibson Les Paul Reissue '58 (black), year 1996.
  • Martin hd28 sunburst.


  • D'Addario nickel wound 010-046 (el.)
  • Martin 013-056 (ac.)
  • Ibanez heavy picks (el.)
  • Dunlop 1 (ac.)
  • George L's cables



The list below is about the effects (mainly pedals) that I use most; I move them from one pedalboard to one another, depending on whether I'm using a large and more complex set up, or a quite small one, also concerning with what I have to play and where. It's just a fun to me finding out combinations that always sound great to my ears, and work perfectly for what I need, as well as creating new bizzarre sounds, going deeper into psychedelic territories. 

  • Ernie Ball volume pedals
  • Accordatore Boss TU2 cromatic tuner
  • Voodoo lab proctavia
  • Fulltone Ocatfuzz
  • RMC2 wha
  • Vox wha 847
  • Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor
  • Lehle Dual loop(line selector/buffer)
  • Xotic RC booster
  • Xotic BB preamp
  • Wampler pinnacle
  • Analogman Maxon sd-9 modded
  • Menatone Red Snapper overdrive
  • Lovepedal cot 50
  • T-rex Dr Swamp
  • Burn fx line driver
  • Fulltone mini deja' vibe
  • Arion Chorus sch-z (modded by E.W.S)
  • Liquid sky chorus (B. M. F. Effects)
  • T-rex tremster (tremolo)
  • EHX Micro Pog octaver
  • Way Huge Ring Worn (ring mod)
  • EHX Frequency analyzer (ring mod.)
  • EWS Volume (S. Henderson signature)
  • Strymon Time Line
  • T-rex Replica delay
  • TC Electronics Nova delay
  • Line 6 DL4
  • TC electronics Nova Reverb 
  • Hardwire rv-7 reverb
  • Dunlop E-bow
  • Dunlop slide
  • Pedaltrain 2 SC
  • Stone Castle pedalboards.
  • Warwick rock case
  • Voodoolab power pedal 2
  • T-Rex chameleon power supply
  • Visual sound 1spot power supply

On Acoustic guitars I don't use so many effects, I prefer natural and inaffected sound on it; my acoustic guitar rig consists only on Ernie Ball volume pedal, T-rex Replica (delay), TC Electronics nova reverb and  L.R. baggs Paracoustic D.I.



  • Artesound Tube Amps 50w head with Artesound 2x12 cabinet 
  • Orange ad30 head
  • Vox 2x12 Heritage cabinet (2x12 Blue Alnico speakers)
  • Orange 4x12 cabinet (4x12 Celestion v30)
  • Marshall JTM 1962 Bluesbreaker combo (2x12 Greenback speakers)